North Sea feeling at its best

Sand beaches, quaint pile dwellings and always a fresh breeze on your face

  • Client: St. Peter Ording

  •, website, Alexa

This project was one of the most demanding – with great attention to detail, carefully co-ordinated layouts, combined with texts provided by the client. As a result layout and content fits together perfectly.

Fenna Renken
neusta Destination Solutions

  • Good performance and visibility in Google searches

  • Optimal position on

  • Connection to Feratel

  • Indoor/outdoor kiosks

  • Tidal information

  • Connection to webcams

  • Connection to weather widgets

St Peter Ording understands how to guide its visitors to the right accommodation via the use of themes. This is achieved thanks to a quick search function that allows a number of presets to be entered ensuring visitors easy access to the booking they want. 

The marketing and sales focus of the site is supported by the use of immersive pictures and a carefully chosen theme. Events, POI, restaurants and tours are stored in a centralised database and integrated seamlessly into the content via a PLUS output. Combining up-to-date information with SEO optimisation.