Content strategy for your tourism business

How to build an in-depth and lean content strategy for your business

  • Workshop destination.strategy

  • Topic: Content strategy

  • Workshop leader: Anna Pashkova

destination.strategy workshop

Content strategy

The workshop is aimed at all tourism companies that want to appear strong and authentic.

Anna Pashkova

Content of the workshop

  • Your clear positioning to establish long-term support: superpower, values, message.

  • Portrait of the target group: their needs and their searches. Sinus-Milieus typology.

  • Brand content matrix. We create a matrix for your company that you use to create content that pays off for your brand.

  • Entertainment vs. benefits 

  • Entertainment with added value

Why this workshop is so good

A clear positioning makes a trip to you special. With the target group analysis, you better understand your customers and explain the travel benefits in your words. This tops off the brand content matrix, which helps you create customised content.

What problem does the workshop participant solve with this?
The content strategy is a foundation for all your marketing activities. You communicate uniform values and thus attract your audience.

What will this make better for the participating company in the future?
After carefully taking stock of your tourism strengths, you can convey to your guests an associated attitude towards life. If you deliberately put your brand core into practice, your online tourism identity will be convincing for the guests.